New Believers

If you are a new believer, you have recently accepted that Jesus is your Lord and Savior. You believe that Jesus died for your sins and have verbally confessed that He is Lord (Romans 10:9-10).

The next thing is to take a step to follow Jesus Christ. We believe that a personal relationship with Jesus is the most important decision you could ever make. As a church, we are passionate about helping you on your faith journey. As new believer, you need to know some basic foundational principles as you grow in your new life as a Christian.

We have a series that is divided into two levels that can be completed in few Weeks.

• Level 1 lays out the basic teachings essential to help you stay grounded in your new walk. It will answer many of those nagging questions you may have. It is also filled with practical exercises to help you in your daily walk with Christ.

• Level 2 is designed to build on this foundation with more in-depth teachings on issues touched in Level 1. As you continue to grow in Christ many of the teachings learned in this series will help you weather the storms of life and continue to hold fast to your Creator.

Many Christians treat their salvation like the latest gadget. They are initially filled with excitement about being saved, then unfortunately they forget to read the manual (the bible). Shortly after, they give up and loose interest thinking, “This Christianity thing is just not working for me”. Your new life is much too valuable to waste. The New Believers program helps you lay a solid foundation for new life in Christ and make the most of the priceless gift of eternal life you received when you decided to make Jesus your Lord and Saviour.

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