Women’s Ministries

Daughters of the King

Women play a major role in the kingdom of God as also evident in the ministry of Jesus Christ. Our vision is that women to come together as friends, sisters, mothers, daughters.

As daughters of the King, we work together to set an atmosphere of relational well-being in which each woman would be established in ministry that includes introducing other women to Christ, helping them to grown in their faith and equipping them to be disciples.

It is an environment where we confront the daily issues that women face by providing resources, training, and study opportunities that focus on prayer, relationships, family, spiritual gifts and calling, character and integrity in life’s choices.

It is a vision of unity where women prevail over the norms and the systems and to move to a higher dimension where God has called them to be where love, peace and compassion reigns.

We strive to walk in wholeness – spirit, soul, and body through the Word of God and create an atmosphere where women can mature spiritually, develop their leadership skills, meet with one another, and minister in the local churches, our communities and the world. We are all about encouraging women to walk in integrity and be women of honour for the King.

We achieve this through personal relationships, one-on-one, program events, seminars and counselling.

I will be glad to have you be part of our fellowship – Pastor Marie

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